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Background Information: Remote releases are useful for minimizing vibration when releasing the shutters as well as for locking shutters open for long exposures. However, using remote releases with some cameras can be cumbersome. The Canon EOS A2E (and it's variants, the EOS 5 and A2) can be especially bad because it uses the 60T3 design which is slow and clumsy to attach (every second counts when the sun is going down or when the subject is moving). In addition, the receptacle on the A2E is located on the grip so switching between handheld and remote release operation often requires removal of the remote. Using the following modification though, a remote release will be integrated into the camera strap and wired internally to the camera. This will allow the shutter to be released at any time using the remote without having to plug it in. This modification also lends itself for use in street/candid photography because it can be used to stealthily release the shutter.

Canon EOS A2E With 60T3 Remote Integrated Into the Strap

<due to the complexity of this modification, this write-up will be delayed until I obtain a 2nd camera capable of macro photography to provide illustrations for the procedures>

DISCLAIMER: The following information is for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made or liability assumed regarding the following information. Modifications you make to your camera are taken at your own risk. Because mistakes may result in permanent damage to your camera and any disassembly will void your warranty, it is strongly recommended that no attempts be made to modify cameras if you are not experienced in working with similar devices and unwilling to take the said risks.



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